Exclusive equipment


There are several complete sets of equipment on the website, can I order a device according to my specifications?

Yes, of course! We have an option to choose an individual configuration for each of our customers. To find out the price of the device with the necessary characteristics, just write to info@bm-technology.ae or call +971 5850 38036.

Is it possible to make equipment according to my design project?

Yes, of course! We are able to make changes to the current models of equipment and bring to life any, even the most daring design idea of the customer. You can leave a request by sending an email to info@bm-technology.ae or by calling +971 5850 38036

Is it possible to disassemble the equipment case yourself?

It is not recommended to disassemble the equipment case. In case of removal of special seals located on the equipment housing, the warranty may be terminated. We also strongly recommend that you study the technical data sheet of the product, which contains precautions when using each specific model.

Do you have ready-made software?

Yes, of course! You can find out about the basic functionality on our website in the "ready solutions" section (http://bm-technology.ru/solutions). You can ask additional questions and find out the exact cost by calling +971 5850 38036.

How much does the extended warranty cost?

We offer the option to extend the warranty period up to three years, however the cost calculation is done individually. In addition, we can provide technical support and servicing throughout Russia. To submit a request you can call +971 5850 38036.

What are the ways to contact technical support?

You can leave a request in the "Service24" section on our website. You can also call +971 5850 38036.