Interactive wayfinding

Interactive navigation

Designed specifically for shopping and entertainment malls, offices, parks, schools and universities, hotels, airports, business centers, etc.

Interactive wayfinding allows visitors to easily orientate themselves in any space, get information about the location of stores, discounts and promotions, a list of services and places where they are provided, as well as build a route to the necessary object on a 2D / 3D map.

Main features:

  • Interactive 2D or 3D map
  • Auto-detection of own geolocation
  • Displaying of necessary objects on the map (shops, offices, etc.)
  • Individual design of shop, office card, etc.
  • Route building from the point “I am here” to the necessary object (shop, office, etc.)
  • Search function with hints
  • Display of lessees categories (shops, etc.)
  • Search of necessary objects (shops, offices, etc.) by using search bar and categories
  • Information about inner objects (photos, videos, description)
  • Gestures and +/ - buttons for changing map scale
  • Calculation of object coordinates on the map
  • Creating multiple floors and the ability to switch between them
  • Connecting an additional module for people with disabilities (color inversion, induction loop, text magnification, content shift down for wheelchair users)
  • Plotting a route to a car left in the parking lot
  • Multilingual interface
  • The ability to download the built route to the phone via a QR code
  • Premium placement in search among competitors
  • Broadcast of promotional videos and banners in the kiosk screen operation and standby mode
  • Displaying advertising statistics

Additional features

  • Displaying traffic jams on the road
  • Possibility to call a taxi
  • Creating questionnaires / wishes / voting
  • Feedback
  • Virtual Assistant
  • The cinema show schedule module
  • Alarm button (employee call)

The ability to manage the software through the administration panel, pinned to one computer, or through a web application that is accessible from any device connected to the Internet.

Types of equipment

Implemented projects