Exclusive equipment

Interactive globe for the Space Museum

The interactive globe is equipped with a variety of functions that allow museum visitors to explore space travel, starting from the early stages of the development of astronautics and ending with the latest achievements in this field.

With this tool, visitors will be able to explore various space mission routes, view information about satellites and spacecraft, and get detailed information about planets and stars.


The panel for broadcasting at the aluminum plant

The panel is used to broadcast drawings in an aggressive environment at an aluminum plant. According to the customer's instructions, the possibility of a touch screen was removed, the panel was protected with a cover. With this equipment, it is possible to broadcast information in an aggressive environment and use the panel as a computer: upload drawings, connect a mouse and keyboard to dust-proof inputs.

Double grandstand VIKTORY for university

For this project, we combined the functionality of the AlibiPRO interactive grandstand with the design of the VICTORY grandstand body. The equipment is designed to simplify presentations and lectures. The speaker can use several work surfaces: to display important information on a large screen, and "behind the screen" to make calculations or take notes. The podium is also equipped with a document camera, microphones and all necessary connectors for connecting additional equipment.

Terminal for the Ferrero Rocher company

The terminal is used for issuing fire passes. A firefighter, using his personal keyboard, types information and prints a document on fire safety. Then drivers can issue this document. In this project, we have provided a unique shape with a keyboard stand and the output of additional ports to a convenient location. This allows you to save space in the room and work standing up.

Bonum - Tablet on a leg

The Bonum tablet is an excellent solution for exhibitions with small stands. The screen displays information and videos about each exhibit. The device is quite heavy: this makes it possible to ensure its stability. At the same time, it is compact in size and efficient in function.

Automated workplace for the educational institution "Digital School"

Automated workstations with a slide-out display are used in the online testing classroom. This project provides computers with an intel processor, retractable touch displays, as well as a wireless mouse kit with a keyboard. All places are integrated into a single system and have a secure interface with login and password. Such an online testing class can be integrated into any educational institution.

Unique interactive table for a museum in Germany

We have accepted an order to develop an interactive table for a museum in Germany. To solve the problem, we needed to create a device with an 86" screen, which was not available on the market. It was also necessary to develop a unique design that ensures stability and powerful internal filling. The development team successfully coped with the task and produced a table in just 57 days that meets all customer requirements.

If you need individual development of hardware or software that is not yet in our catalog, contact our experts from the integration department