Interactive equipment for museums

For museums

Construction of expositions, complex multimedia equipment of museums

Modern museums are gradually turning into living spaces where there are more and more opportunities for interaction, communication, learning and entertainment.

To meet these requirements, we offer the creation of modern museum interiors, multimedia expositions, the production of projection, LED and interactive equipment with special software that allow you to turn visiting the exhibition into an exciting process of learning and playing.

Services provided

  • development of the concept of the exhibition area;
  • creating a design project of exhibition spaces and expositions;
  • manufacture and installation of structures, elements for decorative decoration of the exhibition;
  • production and installation of presentation equipment, most often this category includes the following devices: interactive, holographic and projection
  • equipment, LED screens, video walls, virtual reality devices;
  • organization of field exhibitions;
  • development of software and visual content for various types of devices;
  • design development, production of printed and souvenir products.

Software "For museums"

Thanks to the "For Museums" software, the visitor will be able to independently study information about expositions, clarify the museum's working hours, and learn about upcoming exhibitions. This module allows you to upload video, audio content and text information using ready-made templates.

The software can be supplemented with a special module "Accessible Environment" for the convenience of obtaining information by users with disabilities.


  • Display of general information about the museum, the expositions and exhibits presented;
  • Demonstration of the museum's operating mode;
  • Displaying Internet resources via a secure browser;
  • Feedback form;
  • Feedback form;
  • Display of any presentations containing text, graphics, audio and video information;
  • Broadcast commercials in standby mode.

Types of equipment