Selfie touch kiosk with augmented reality

AR kiosk with augmented reality

A modern and unusual tool for attracting attention! Selfie kiosk with augmented reality is a point of attraction for visitors.

 This is an opportunity to take pictures with any star of the present and the past, find yourself in the most unusual corner of the planet, and also get unforgettable unique photos from the event.

Basic functionality:

  • Photo mode selection: individual and team. A visitor can take a picture with one hero, or assemble a whole team of favorite characters.
  • Broadcast videos in standby mode to attract visitors. A famous character invites people to take a selfie with him.
  • Library loading function with different characters and locations. In order for each of your guests to be satisfied, give them the opportunity to choose their favorite character for a photo or location.
  • The function of individual photo design. You can place your company's logo on each picture or brand a photo for an event.
  • Editing the finished photo. The user can decorate his photo with stickers, zoom and other editing functions.
  • Placement of advertising content. Run commercials on the kiosk in standby mode or make a branded background for a photo.
  • The ability to send photos by email or print. Your guests will immediately receive their pictures as a keepsake.


Together with the kiosk, you can purchase ready-made software with one of the cartoon characters.

Or our company will develop an individual concept of an interactive photo zone for you.

The list of works includes:

  • Development of the structure of the software
  • Description and development of scenarios for user interaction with heroes
  • Shooting costumed characters or famous people in a photo studio
  • Drawing cartoon characters
  • Software testing (Debugging, troubleshooting)
  • Shooting in a photo studio

Types of equipment