Automated pre-trip control system

Automation of pre-trip inspection

Any company with a large fleet needs a well-thought-out mechanism that can prevent cases of drunk driving. Detection of violations during the working day is unacceptable – it is important to ensure the protection of passengers, transported cargo and the driver himself in advance.


To solve this problem, BM GROUP "Factory of Innovations" has released a solution that will prevent the occurrence of undesirable situations on the roads in time. The terminal software will help to identify violations before the start of the working day and automate the process of morning registration of employees

This solution includes:

  • a touch screen that ensures the convenience of using the equipment;
  • built-in webcam for employee identification;
  • a reusable tube designed to detect alcohol in the blood, which does not require additional elements for its use;
  • a card reader that allows you to open the personal account of each employee.

How does it work?

  • The driver is identified using a magnetic card and a webcam before the start of the shift.
  • The driver undergoes a medical examination for the presence of alcohol in the body, the results of which are stored in the database.

If the result of the examination is negative, the software prints out the waybill and registers the beginning of the driver's shift (thereby allowing additional accounting of working hours)


If the test results are positive, the program makes a note, saves the results of the examination and sends all the data to the attendant's email. The driver is not allowed to leave.


Thus, this equipment will prevent many dangerous situations on the roads and make our lives much safer.