Interactive equipment - solutions for industrial enterprises

For industrial enterprises

Automation of HR and accounting departments

- Receipt of certificates, statements and payslips online;

- Raising the level of awareness of employees: the employee's personal account with all information services of the company (payroll, fines, bonuses, travel, appointment with the head, etc.);

- Access to the employee's personal account by scanning a fingerprint or entering a service number;

- Sending a request to the settlement and personnel and social services online;

- Making a record on a personal appeal;

- Synchronization of interactive equipment software with the HR department and accounting department;

- Implementation of video communication;

- Information management from a remote computer.

Pre-trip control

The interactive terminal AlcoSTOP helps to prevent the occurrence of undesirable situations in the workplace. The software of the terminal allows you to record violations, identify employees in a drunken state before the start of the working day and automate the process of morning registration of employees.

What does the user need to do?

  • Attach the card to the reader on the case;
  • Pass an examination;
  • Get confirmation of the absence of alcohol in the blood;
  • Entering data into the company's system;
  • Get a waybill / pass to the workplace.

Getting shift assignments

  • Employee authorization;
  • Getting a shift assignment;
  • Synchronization with the IT structure;
  • A signal about the incidents that have occurred;
  • Ability to print documents;
  • Obtaining other documents;
  • The ability to independently download the necessary documentation in the software.

Automation of the briefing

  • Employee authorization in the personal account;
  • The function of passing the briefing;
  • SMS notification of employees about the need for an unscheduled briefing;
  • Synchronization with the IT structure;
  • The ability to print the briefing;
  • Uploading the instruction to the software via the administrative panel.

Automated testing and self-training system

  • Employee authorization to log in to the personal account;
  • Learning the briefing;
  • The possibility of passing testing to consolidate the information received;
  • Synchronization with a shared database;
  • Keeping records of the results of testing;
  • Self-loading of instruction and testing via the administrative panel.

Industrial Storage Terminals

  • Marking of equipment and cargo;
  • Conducting operational accounting and monitoring of compliance with routes;
  • Getting payslips;
  • Transfer of data and processing tasks to shop and warehouse personnel;
  • Working with MES, TMS and SRM programs;
  • Payment of the cargo after receipt.

Compact Industrial Terminals

  • Information kiosk for workers inside the workshops.

Advantages of all industrial terminals:

  • Vandal-proof housing is designed to reliably protect components from dust and moisture;
  • The ability to read the touch of a stylus or a gloved finger;
  • Integration of the thermal system for uninterrupted operation of the device.

Hardware complexes for epidemic prevention

  • Non-contact body temperature measurement and measurement logging;
  • Antiseptic delivery;
  • An application on the phone to notify about the level of antiseptic in the tank;
  • Warning light on the housing (to inform that the liquid is running out);
  • Issuance of masks for individual protection;
  • Air ionization;
  • Providing important information about the spread of infection;
  • Demonstration of commercial advertising;
  • Managing information and advertising from a mobile app;
  • Automatic blocking of the passage in case of increased temperature or absence of a mask on the face;
  • Saving pictures of people with elevated temperatures in the database;
  • Sound and light signal in case of violation of security measures.


  • Demonstration of the number of employees in the workplace, on vacation, on sick leave;
  • Displaying a video instruction about receiving first aid;
  • The possibility of passing a test to determine the primary signs of infection with the virus;
  • Delivery of disinfectant;
  • Displaying the latest coronavirus news bulletins;
  • Issuance of protective masks;
  • The ability to measure temperature.

Types of equipment