Solutions for petrol stations

Petrol station automation

Software and hardware complex "Non-operational fuel payment"

Non-operational gas stations allow you to refuel a car in 4 minutes, this is a huge potential for residents of cities with a high pace of life. Also, an obvious advantage is a significant reduction in operating costs without reducing the quality of service. The hardware part of the complex is equipped with a touch screen built into the vandal-proof case, a climate control system for uninterrupted operation of the device in all weather conditions, a thermal printer and a payment system that meets your wishes.

Software functionality:

  • The user can choose gasoline for his car;
  • Specify the required number of liters;
  • Pay for the purchase of gasoline by the payment system provided by the gas station;
  • If the gas station has a fuel card, a barcode or promo code system, then they can be used to pay or provide a discount on the purchase;
  • In the administrator's system, you can view detailed information about purchases made for a certain day or change the price for gasoline.

Software and hardware complex "Smart assistant"

An information touch terminal complete with software will help motorists choose or learn more information about engine oil or any other gas station products. Now the owners of the car can not worry about choosing products that are suitable for their car brand. "Smart assistant" will offer the best option with detailed information for making the right purchase.

Software functionality:

  • The user can independently select and find out detailed information about the product using the manufacturers filter and arrange the products in order of decreasing or increasing the price;
  • The user can choose the brand of the car and the system will independently select the appropriate product;
  • In the administrator's system, it is possible to independently add information about the product: image, description, price and link it to a specific manufacturer, as well as add car brands and link the product suitable for it.

Hardware and software complex for ordering and paying for hot meals at gas stations

The complex is designed to automate the process of receiving and paying for food orders at gas stations. Now motorists do not need to stand in long queues to place an order, a self-service terminal complete with software will allow you to do this in a couple of minutes. This service allows you to reduce the burden on staff and optimize the cost of maintaining a gas station.

Software functionality:

  • The user can collect a list of necessary dishes and drinks in the basket;
  • Pay for your order with the payment system provided by the gas station;
  • The paid order is automatically displayed on the touch device in the staff room;
  • In the administrator's system, you can view detailed information about orders for a certain day, change/add categories of dishes or drinks, prices and images to the required position.

Types of Equipment