Videoconferencing systems

Video system

Videoconferencing is a communication session between two or more remote subscribers using technical means that provide real–time audio and image transmission. The use of this method of communication is currently popular in many areas: education, public sector, medicine, business, financial sector.

It allows you to unite colleagues from different offices, cities and countries into a single communication space, hold joint meetings using audio and video conferencing, remote demonstration of presentations and file sharing, as well as significantly save the company's funds.

Our specialists will be able to offer a ready-made solution, provide full technical support, and also provide all the necessary professional equipment:

  • interactive panels;
  • video walls;
  • projectors;
  • PTZ cameras;
  • speakerphones;
  • conference systems;
  • microphones.

Main functionality:

  • creation of a chat of communication of participants;
  • demonstration of video and text material;
  • displaying presentations;
  • broadcast of one or more speakers on the screen;
  • display of the screen or individual speaker tabs, video from the network;
  • video conference recording;
  • limited access of participants to the service thanks to a secure system;
  • select the menu language.


  • Saving time. Videoconferencing allows you to hold meetings with remote employees, partners and clients without leaving the office.
  • Ease of use. You can call and participate in conferences from your workplace or meeting room using special video equipment, a computer or a smartphone.
  • Scalability. The number of participants is limited only by the capabilities of the video infrastructure and your needs.
  • Realistic. Video communication conveys much more emotions than a telephone conversation — it is important to establish contact with the interlocutor and solve business issues.
  • Safety. Modern video systems allow you to work in closed networks without an Internet connection, therefore, they ensure maximum data transfer security.

Types of equipment